Monday, March 9, 2009

Bless Other, Keep the Peace-Life Lessons

Yesterday in my sermon I was reminded of some Bible verses I read long ago, but I needed to hear again. In Romans, Chapter 12, It says to Bless those who persecute us. Those who know me are aware that there are a few power seeking people at my work that thrive on persecuting others to assert their power. In my role as Grade level leader this year, I am an easy target to do this to. This year I have an awesome Grade level. We are all very different. We have different methods, we have varyng years of experience, and our life experiences have been very different. We are everything you would think would not work, but it does. Those of you who do not work in a school-you must do everything with your grade level. If there are issues-it will run into your classroom, personal life, and more and suck the life out of you (been there). I am here on the greener side of the pasture this year. With that said, life would seem to be pretty easy at the job. My team ROCKS!!! and I got a good class (intellectually)-emotionally is a different story-.
But there are a select few in the realm of power that are intent in making my life a living hell. So I took this Bible verse to heart. I mean-I simply cannot wrap my mind around loving my enemy. I know Jesus did this, BUT he is Jesus (I am wayy worse than him). I do think I can bless those who persecute me-maybe I can pray for them, mayble I can give them a pick me up, or a simple have a good day. I can do this and I started my efforts today. Other verses to mention in the same Bible section brought some COLD HARD realities to me. Keep the harmony ( I don't always have to prove that I'm right). It is better to just move on and keep the peace. There is SOOO much to be learned from the Bible. What I keep finding out-I have heard these verses before-but this is just the RIGHT time in my life that I need them. I started this blog-for those who could use the same things I am benefiting from. p.s. I have time to blog-but there is no time to proofread..


  1. LOL - You know I am always there to proofread.. :-)

    Well said, Jen. You have done a great job keeping us all together despite outside influencers.

    Can't wait to see what else you have to say here.

  2. I think maybe it just means pray for them. Too much and they would either think you are really weird or they would know they were getting to you and do it more.

  3. My sister has a google account so I signed in with hers. This is actually Brianna. I miss you! What would you like for your birthday? A new car? Free maid service for a year? Or realistically, a card?